I am a Norfolk professional landscape photographer. I started my own photographic journey many years ago whilst taking many landscape photos of the beautiful Lake District when on family holidays. Then in 2014, when Dylan my Labrador came into my life,  I rediscovered the Norfolk Coast and Norfolk Broads thanks to Dylan and his enthusiasm for the coast and waterways. After 30 years of being a resident of Norfolk I found exciting and new areas to explore and reconnect.

I strive to continually developed my creativity and technical photographic skills. I am out most weeks either taking landscapes. I love nothing better than roaming the Norfolk coast or meeting up with new people on my photography workshops that I run once a month. 

I believe that the Norfolk Coast and Broads offers visitors an eternal subject that lets us slow down and relax. I love to create images that convey mood, emotion and feelings. My aspiration is be a competent and respected photographer and share inspiring artistic photographs with others.  The beauty of working impressionistically is that you can suggest mood by careful use of colour, shape, and of course light.  Every landscape can be reduced to a diverse collection of shapes, lines and colours, textures and patterns. 

I gained my Licentiate (SWPP) last year, and this year I have joined the Royal Photographic Society to support my own personal and professional development.  I have been published on many occasions in both international and national magazines, with this year becoming a finalist in the International Garden Photographer of the Year (2017).

Please do have a look around my site and if I haven't answered any questions you may have, please feel free to drop me an email or a call.