Happisburgh 2016-18



Happisburgh is a small village located in the county of Norfolk, which is situated in the East of England. While this parish originally was a safe and decent distance from the coast line, coastal erosion has caused the town to be in danger.  It is thought that between the years of 1600 and 1850, more than 820ft of land have been eroded and swept away. 

Then back in 1953, the area was hit with the East Coast flood which claimed the lives of over 300 people, 76 which were Norfolk inhabitants. Due to the receding coast line the village was more vulnerable to the treacherous weather. In 1959, timber defences were installed to help prevent another tragedy of this magnitude, but this was not intended to be a long term solution to the diminishing coastline. There have been many ideas to stop the erosion, but very little has come to fruition when it comes to permanent resolutions.

This project aim is to tell the story as I see it, to educate, raise awareness, encourage or simply inform and to support positive solutions to protect the coast line. Happisburgh is one of the fastest erosion areas in the world and I would like to do my bit!